Remote Viewing.

Humans are considered to be the most superior form of life compared to all the other life forms. We have various different abilities and many a times, a few have extra-ordinary abilities which make them distinct from the others. Remote Viewing is one such ability that uses psychic powers to describe an unseen object kept at huge distance away. The people with remote viewing abilities and can draw the images of the subject objects with a great detail. When the idea was founded in 1975 by the US military to spy on various targets using the remote viewers, it was funded to be a research worth of $20 million. But the operation was declassified in mid 90s as it could not yield the desired intelligence related results. The scientific community, as of today, looks at remote viewing with a sceptical stance. When such remote viewing experiments were conducted under controlled environments with highest scrutiny, they were not able to produce the results as promised. Many have named this science as clairvoyance or pseudoscience. In 2002, the UK government conducted secret experiments to establish the credibility of remote viewing using 18 different and fresh subjects. It was expected that the “E” and “H” fields would grow larger in terms of field-band but no such activity was recorded in the brains of the subjects and hence the experiment was abolished and declassified. But many have claimed that Remote Viewing works and it is very much possible to establish the minutest of the details about the target subjects. But the scientific community does not approve of this phenomenon and they keep it at an arm’s length. So the question remains here is that if Science does not approve of a phenomenon, does it mean it doesn’t exist at all?

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